Virtual Console and Controllers and Containerized Control


Simple application software allows user to build a console layout with desired number of fader channels, monitoring section and metering to communicate with any SAS DSP Engine within your system.  The engine can be located locally, in another room, another city, or anywhere in the world.

SAS Exclusive control using virtual like console apps allow for live broadcast, Voice tracking or production from anywhere in the world.  Low cost monthly subscription fees make it perfect for all radio broadcast operations using remote hosts, guests and even unmanned studios and control rooms.  DSP Engines can be located at a transmitter and you can perform live broadcasts, voice track and even take live telephone calls right from your PC.  Centralize your operations using this containerized application to control operations in your different clusters eliminating the need for big multi studio facilities.

SAS exclusive Global Connect allows all SAS DSP IP Engines to be networked across the world even using simple Internet ISP services.  Engines discover each other and from a central location you can operate any DSP Engine in any location, Share Engine Resources between facilities, connect remote hosts and guests and even eliminate large scale studios by putting the DSP Engine right at the transmitter, use the SAS Virtual Controllers to operate Live Broadcasts, Voice Tracking and Production without the need of external hardware.

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