Turret Control Panels

TP-4, TP-8

Programmable Button Module. TP-4 is typically used for talent DELAY DUMP and delay status. TP-8 is typically used for INTERCOM, TALKBACK, or to provide CONTROL TRIGGER functions.


Monitor Speaker or Headphone Controller: Six programmable source select buttons, plus a rotary encoder for output level.

TP – 8A

The TP8-A is a Turret Size control panel with 8 programmable quick pick buttons and and houses an eight (8) character alpha numeric display and dial for source selection using an alphabetically sorted list. This controller can be used for a wide variety of functions, and typically used for Source Selection to Rubi-T or other Console Fader Channels, Headphone and Meter Selection, or for Intercom Talkback functions to additional Destinations.