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Installation Guides

  • 32KD Installation & Manual PDF
  • Console Installation Guide PDF
  • Rubicon Installation Guide PDF
  • M Class Quick Startup Installation Guide PDF
  • ICM-32 Setup, Getting Started PDF
  • ICM-32 IP Audio Option Setup PDF
  • ICM-32 Rear Panel PDF
  • ICM-32 Barix Module Installation Instructions PDF
  • Torpey Clock PDF
  • SAS Automation Installation Notes PDF
  • SAS Softpanels Installation and License PDF
  • RCS/DCS/SCS/SOC Intercom Panels PDF



  • Control Panel Small Button Blank Legend Form DOC
  • Rubicon Input Module Small Button Default Legends DOC
  • Krone Audio Single A/B Block Legend DOC
  • Krone Audio Multi A/B Block Legend DOC
  • Krone Audio Single Block Legend DOC
  • Krone Opto Single Block Legend DOC PDF
  • Krone Block Excel File Layout XLS
  • Krone Strip for DRC-16 RS485 & RS232 PDF
  • Krone Strip for KAI-16 or KAO-16 Numbered PDF
  • Krone Strip for KDI-16 or KDO-16 Two Modules per Krone Block PDF
  • Krone Strip All Analog Input or Output 1-16 Left 17-32 Right side block PDF
  • Krone Strip RIOLink 1/2 Digital 1/2 Analog Input or Output Digital Left Analog Right Block PDF
  • Krone Strip RIOLink GPI Optos Left Relay Right side of block PDF
  • Krone Strip Viso Files ZIP
  • Control Panel Large Button Blank Legend FormA DOC
  • Control Panel Large Buton Blank Legend Form1 DOC
  • M Class Console Button Default Legend DOC
  • Control Panel Medium Button IFB Legend DOC
  • Control Panel Medium Button Blank Legend DOC
  • Rubicon Button 3 Line 10pt Blank Legend DOC
  • Control Panel Small Button Blank Legend DOC

Support Documents

  • Krone Block Audio Wiring PDF
  • 89D RJ45 Layout PDF
  • Anni Frame Interconnect PDF
  • CP-16 Connector Pinout PDF
  • CRS-8 DB9 to Rubicon SL 10 Pin Connector PDF
  • Frame Addressing PDF
  • HPA-1 Headphone Amp PDF
  • Interfacing Airtools 6100 delay to 32KD PDF
  • TurretPanel On/Off 5 Volts PDF
  • Rio Adapter board labels PDF
  • Rio RJ45 Pinouts PDF
  • Rio Solid State Relays Spec Sheet PDF
  • RJ21 to Krone CAT5 Wiring Cable PDF
  • Turret Panel RP6 5 Volt Block Diagram PDF
  • SAS Automation MCU Guide PDF
  • Meter Pod Connector Replacement PDF
  • SL Show Control PDF
  • Salvos Explained PDF
  • TP-CT (Clock/Timer) Wiring Diagram PDF
  • TP-L4 Connector Pinout PDF
  • Torpey Clock Manual PDF
  • Turret & Desk Panels with CRS-8 9 Pin Connector PDF
  • WardBeck SLM Meter Manual PDF
  • Dees Digital Rear View Wiring PDF
  • 32KD USI Protocol PDF
  • Krone Block Opto Wiring PDF
  • 89D-8X4 Switch Layout PDF
  • SAS Rio Back Panel Conncection Description PDF
  • CRS-8RJ Pinout PDF
  • Crimping Euro Contacts PDF
  • GPI-1600 Opto/Relay Adapter Board PDF
  • ICPM Connector Pinout PDF
  • MCU Rear Panel Jumper Assignments PDF
  • In-Console Pushbutton Panels PDF
  • Rio Rear Panel RJ45 Configuration Photo JPEG
  • Rio Relay Connector Pinout PDF
  • Rio Static ARP How to Guide PDF
  • RM2116X3 Rack Mount RJ45 Description PDF
  • Rubicon Module Upgrade Video WMV
  • 32KD Control Interface Block Diagram PDF
  • SAS Turret Meter Schematic PDF
  • SPM4 Mechanical Outline PDF
  • TP-CT (Clock/Timer) Connector pinout PDF
  • TP-L4 Setup Guide PDF
  • Telos TWOX12 Manual PDF
  • Turret & Desk Panels with CRS-8RJ Connector Pin Out PDF
  • Turret Panel VTSW8-5V Wiring Diagram PDF
  • APC88 Ground Strap PDF
  • Dees Digital Aux Wiring PDF
  • MCU-64 User Guide PDF

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