Rubicon | R2 Console

Large Scale Console Control Surface for TV and Radio,

SAS Flagship Console the Rubicon R2

Rubicon | R2

The SAS flagship Rubicon used worldwide without flaw for nearly two decades has been rebuilt from the ground up to satisfy the next generation of broadcasting.  Introducing the “R2” super console with 8 manual output buss controls for each fader, extra large P&G faders, on/off button guards and turbo-powered DSP.  An external meter bridge offers one, two, four or five discreet meter sources with standard phase metering and user selectable Loudness Units or Volume Units. 

Available in fader sizes from six to 30, the “R2” is the go-to for large format installations.

Available in your choice of anodized polished colors:  Pacific Blue, Gun Smoke Grey, Licorice Black, Cherry Crimson


The R2 Console control surface is a new re-imagined audio console work surface. Using the popular SAS Rubicon Module layout the R2 Console rovides all of the features of the SAS Rubicon with newly designe f processors and controllers and is available with optional HiRez OLED displays. The R2 uses an ergonomically proven user presentation of On/Off, IFB,Cue and Fader and a newly designed oper· ating system that guarantees reliable operation well into the future. 

The R2 Console control surface plugs directly into any SAS DSP IP engine using simple CATS cabling. Console sizes range from up to 8 Channels to 38 channels making it a perfect worksur· face for the most demanding multi-production environment.

Applications such as produced News, Sports and Talk, Live TV are easily tackled with eight (8) manually assignable send busses, and unlimited number of buss assigns using SAS Applciation software or under most TV Production Automation Systems. Individual, hot swappable Modules house a 100mm linear Fader and an eight (8) character Alpha Numeric Readout that displays the name of the source assigned to that fader. Optional Hi-Rez OLED displays are available. Sources are selected to each Fader using a simple dial up and “TAKE” button press. And there are A/8 input buttons to return to default Sources with one button press!

  • Add Fader Channels are Fully Routable, select any source within the Entire SAS Digital Audio Network, Locally or from another Facility
  • Advanced Multi Processor Architecture for maximum redundancy.
  • Ultra High Reliability Magnetic Switches, immune from spills and most Hostile Environments
  • Button Guard and Finger Rest between On/Off Buttons makes triggering Live Assist and News Stories easy
  • Simple CAT5 Network Cable connection to SAS DSP Engines
  • Polished Deep Etched Aluminum Anodized makes it resilient to scratches, stains, skin oils and comes in different colors
  • Wide range of Sizes, 8,16 and 24 Fader Channels

• Connector: RJ-45, Control, Meters, Cue/Talkback and Board Op Headphones
• 2 Programmable Buttons for  Source Select and 8 Button Output Buss Select

• Each Fader Channel provides a Rotary Dial for Alphabetically Sorted Source Selection from Full or Pre-programmed Display Lists
• 10mm Linear Faders for All Input Channels, Monitor Speaker and Headphone volume
• 8 Programmable Source Select Buttons for Monitor Select

• Separate Meter Bridge for ultimate Customization, comes in 2,4 and 5 Meters, with Built in Timer and ESE/SMTPE Clock Reader

• LED Linear Meters with Selectable true VU/PPM (Flying Dot) and LU Ballistics

• Optional High Resolution HD OLED Display shows Channel Mode/Pan/Phase and Source Selection
• 6 Programmable buttons for Meter Source Selects
• Optional 8 Character LED Meter display Readouts Shows the Source that is selected to each Meter
• 8 Programmable Buttons for General Purposes such as Profanity Delay Control, TalkBack, Audio Mapping , Automation and Show Control
• Wide variety of option Modules, such as Telephone Control, Talk Back and Intercom, General purpose Select Buttons

• Polished Deep Etched Anodized Finish, available in Black, Red, Gold and Blue
• Heavy Duty Lexan Finish on all Module surfaces for Unsurpassed durability, wear and fading
• Built in Timer, optional Clock, Selectable for ESE or SMPTE Time Code

Every Fader Module provides a CUE and IFB button. Each Fader Source can be “CUE’d” pre-switch and pre-fader directly into a CUE speaker. The IFB button allows Intuitive Talk Back to the destination which is associated with the Source mapped to the Fader.

  • Radio Broadcast Control Room and Studios
  • TV Audio Broadcasting Studios, Intercom and IFB
  • Produced Live News, Sports Casts and Allows many OffLine Functions such as In Segment Recording, Sound Byte process etc.
  • Assembly Chambers, House, City Council etc. with Full Control House Speaker and Dais Control with Auto Voting
  • Can operate with Remote Console/Virtual Console Applications are available from SAS and other 3rd party Vendors

8 Module Width …….. 13 3/16″ Cutout, 14″ Overall

16 Module Width …… 26″ Cutout, 26 7 /8″ Overall

24 Module Width …… 38 3/ 4″ Cutout, 39 11 /16″ Overall

32 Module Width …… 51 9/16″ Cutout, 53 1/2″ Overall

40 Module Width …… 64 3/8″ Cutout, 66 1 / 4″ Overall

Depth ………………….. 17 5/16″ Cutout, 19 1/4″ Overall

Height …………………. 4 5/8″ Maximum below top of couter top