Rack Mount Control Panels

Multi-Channel & Monitor Panels

SAS offers multi-channel and full XY Panels with eight or 16 programmable buttons and I/O control. Each panel offers push-button routing with optional eight character alpha-numeric display. A variety of monitor control panels are available to meet the needs of network operators monitoring multiple network feeds. Audio presence, peak and silence indicators are standard with optional alphanumeric source scrolling. Choose from eight outputs or a single output.

CPM – 80

Eight Channel Alpha Control Panel. Full control of eight system outputs in a single rack unit. Each display is dedicated to an output, while the 12 preset buttons and dial-up control are shared among all eight controllers. For quick takes, simply enable the desired output and select one of the presets, or use the dial-up control to select any other source. Perfect for larger systems, air-chain routing, or remote codec assignments. Displays animated audio presence/peak icon.

AXC – 16

X-Y Full System Control Panel. This panel uses two displays, one for outputs and the other for inputs, which allows users to route any source to any destination. There are 18 preset buttons which can be programmed for your most used inputs, outputs or routes allowing for easy operation. This panel can be configured for whole system access or be limited to control just a subset of your routing matrix.

CP Series

The CP series rack mount panels are Single or Multi Output Source select controllers that are available with 8,16 and 32 quick pick buttons and houses an eight (8) character alpha numeric display and dial for source selection using an alphabetically sorted list.  The CP series controllers are perfect for Monitor Selectors, selection of Sources to Codecs or other release paths or any location where source selection to single or multiple outputs is required.  These panels can also be configured as a “Source to Multiple Outputs” making it perfect for Traffic Reporting Bureaus to select a workstation booth mic to the desired affiliate.