Console Control Surface


MClass Description Needed

  • Low Cost and simple streamlined ergonomic design
  • Advanced Multi Processor Architecture for maximum redundancy.
  • Optional 8 Character Alpha Numeric Displays
  • Built in Meter Bridge and Monitor Section c/w High Quality Large Sound Cue Speaker
  • Built In Monitor Control and Headphone Amplifier
  • Simple CAT5 Network Cable connection to SAS DSP Engines
  • Low Profile Design meets with ADA compliance and reduces Table Top space requirements
  • Can be fitted on the Desktop, or remove to simple side panels to Drop Into Furniture, (Cut In)
  • Polished Deep Etched Aluminum Anodized makes it resilient to scratches, stains, skin oils and comes in different colors
  • Wide range of Sizes, 8, 16 and 24 Fader Channels

• Connector: RJ-45, Control, Meters, Cue/Talkback and Board Op Headphones
• 2 Programmable Button Source Select and 3 Button Output Buss Select
• 10mm Linear Faders for All Input Channels, Monitor Speaker and Headphone volume
• 8 Programmable Source Select Buttons for Monitor Select

• LED Linear Meters with Selectable VU and LU Ballistics
• 6 Programmable buttons for Meter Source Selects
• Optional 8 Character LED Meter display Readouts Shows the Source that is selected to each Meter
• 8 Programmable Buttons for General Purposes such as Profanity Delay Control, TalkBack, Audio Mapping , Automation and Show Control
• Headphone Amplifier provides 20-20k, DSP Controlled (from the Engine) with Low Impedance Output suitable for Headphones or iPod Earbuds
• Headphone Amplifier provides both ¼” and ½” Jacks
• Polished Deep Etched Anodized Finish, available in Black, Red, Gold and Blue
• Heavy Duty Lexan Finish on all Module surfaces for Unsurpassed durability, wear and fading
• Built in Timer, optional Clock, Selectable for ESE or SMPTE Time Code

  • Radio Broadcast Control Room and Studios
  • News and Voice Tracking Studios
  • TV Audio Broadcasting Studios, Intercom and IFB
  • Live Sound, stage DI
  • Assembly Chambers, House, City Council etc. with Full Control House Speaker and Dais Control with Auto Voting
  • Natively AES-67 AoIP and Dante
  • Connect to Any AES-67 and Dante Enabled Devices, used by manufacturers such as Yamaha, Behringer, Panasonic, Evertz, RTS, Focusrite, Leitch Video
  • Remote Console/Virtual Console Applications are available from SAS and other 3rd party Vendors