Headphone Pre-Amp

The TP-HPV and SP-HPV Headphone Amplifiers are used with SAS Consoles and Rubi-T Workstation Consoles for Host and Guest positions. The HPV series Headphone Amplifiers provide both 1/4” and 1/8 jacks for both professional Headphones and all popular earbuds and “In Ear” monitors. A Standard CAT5 network cable is used for Connection to the SAS Console System via any SAS DSP engine which delivers full fidelity Stereo audio and power of the ethernet cable allowing a simple “Single Cable plug in” installation. Hosts and Co-Host positions may require individual Headphone feeds from the DSP engine (for separate monitoring and Talkback) while Guest positions that can be fed with the same audio may be “Daisy Chained” using the “Thru” RJ45 connector, which further simplifies the systems installation. The SP series is used for installations requiring the Headphone amplifier be mounter “Under the Counter” while the TP series is mounted into a Turret Chassis Enclosure.