SAS Shines Scarlet at Rutgers

Rutger’s WRSU had a custom vision in mind for a recent studio renovation.  An ergonomic feel for student announcers and DJ’s, alongside an equipment presentation that shows pride in the representation of the student body.

A robust 24 fader SAS iSL console was chosen as the primary on air surface.  A backup studio with a mirroring 24 fader iSL and additional production facilities with a mixture of modular Ruby-T mini consoles were chosen for phase one of the build out.  Dante AoIP /AES67 is used throughout the station in both Bravo! audio engines and the CORE64 router in the TOC.   All configuration was achieved using SAS’ easy to access HTML GUI on each engine.

The student staff were insistent on the incorporation of the school’s Scarlet color and SAS delivered with a custom matched, Scarlet colored console.

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Jim Rome TV and CBS Sports Radio

Jim Rome Tweet

Jim Rome Console

Jim Rome Announcer Chair

Jim Rome Console Monitor Section

Jim Rome’s new broadcast facility is open with a fresh look, featuring an SAS iSL with custom Midnight Black anodized metalwork. All network audio for both television and radio originates through the SAS console system.  96 inputs and outputs, alongside 64 Dante AoIP channels are custom routed through an SAS Rio Bravo AoIP engine.  Rome’s custom desktop turret was built to spec to satisfy the fingertip reach needs of Jim Rome in the hot chair.

SBS’ Mega 96.3 and La Raza 97.9 Los Angeles

When SBS Los Angeles, home of Mega and La Raza transitioned into a new high-rise, overlooking the city, their first choice for dependable audio was SAS.  Featuring two on air studios, a mix studio, two production studios and a live performance studio, SAS is able to route audio in a flash of light via fiberoptic interconnections and Dante AoIP.

La Raza Studio Los Angeles

SBS Los Angeles


Entercom Las Vegas

Entercom Las Vegas

Entercom Las Vegas

Entercom Las Vegas

Entercom Las Vegas

Entercom Las Vegas features a wide selection of SAS Rubicon, SL and Turret based consoles.  With several 32KD Routers providing the foundation for the TOC, the facility is audio bullet proof!

Max Media Denver

Max Media Denver chose SAS R2 Series consoles and Nucleus engines using Dante AoIP for audio transport and control.  The SAS 32KD provides additional I/O, Dante AoIP and the innovative Encoder Card from SAS to offer up to 12 simultaneous AAC connections for live broadcast, direct affiliate streams and virtual studios around the country.

Flo 107.1 Mix Studio

Jammin 101.5 On Air Console

Voice Track Studio


Viva Media KQFX Amarillo

Wild 104.3 Tommy The Hacker Morning Show f/ Angel D

Wild 104.3 MClass Console and Rio Bravo w/ Dante AoIP

Wild 104.3 Installation

Wild 104.3 Amarillo chooses SAS MClass and Rio Bravo with Dante AoIP for their new facility in downtown Amarillo.  Integration by DNAV provided a complete four studio build in one week.  The new studios have audio and control routes over Dante AoIP and streaming video control via SAS push buttons activating changes via the powerful Rio Bravo engine.