Core 64 Advanced AoIP Network Router

For customers who are currently utilizing SAS 32KD Frame technology, rest assured your investment will continue to serve a central purpose in your facility for years to come.  SAS offers Core 64 Dante AoIP, Multi-Codec Cards and IP Network Master Control Unit cards which are compatible with all existing 32KD units.  The 32KD has been the most widely used SAS product to date, and while the Core 64 offers the next generation in AoIP, local and long distance audio routing, SAS will continue to support and provide updates for all 32KD units for the long term future.

Zero downtime and maximum reliability are the foundation of the CORE64 design.  Ease of service is built in with quick access to a 100% modular, front facing, card design.  Robust, dual power supplies are also front facing and all hardware elements are hot-swappable for rapid field upgrades.

Although many users utilize the CORE64 as a central distribution and routing center for Dante AoIP, and long distance Codecs, frequent needs still arise for the use of Analog and AES3 connections.  21 card slots on the front of the CORE64 give you the flexibility to decide the ratio of I/O, AoIP and traditional Analog/AES.  User-defined, passive plugs on the back of the CORE64 offer quick wiring connections to RJ45 style audio breakouts. Optionally, cabling for punch blocks is available.  A remarkable 1,024 channels can be supported in a single CORE64 Router.

The MCU64 provides the central control for each CORE64 and is accessed via standard ethernet connection. Secondary MCU64s can be added for another layer of redundancy and assurance you can sleep at night.

The MCU64 retains all of the CORE64’s operating parameters, custom configurations and generates main and standby clock.  All storage is ultra-reliable on non-volatile RAM.  The system runs independent of outside computer control.

Power Supplies:
SAS custom designed power supplies are built for stable, long-lasting operation.  Each supply has it’s own AC/main power cable, along with robust fans to keep airflow moving.  Supplies can be quickly monitored with LEDs for alarm and fault status. During normal operation, both supplies share the load.  In the uncommon event a supply fails, the secondary supply has the capacity to carry the full load of the CORE64 indefinitely.