SAS Launches CORE Advanced AoIP and Multimedia Router

4 April 2019 Posted by SAS SAS News

Sierra Automated Systems announces its new CORE Advanced AoIP and Multimedia Router will debut at the 2019 NAB Show in Las Vegas.

The CORE’s features include:

  • DSP capability to simultaneously route thousands of multimedia channels in a local facility or to destinations around the world
  • User defined hardware for simultaneous operation of various media types
  • SAS Smarcast technology for control of WAN or LAN based Dante routes.
  • High capacity for syndicated broadcast programming
  • Less than 1ms latency for backline and front of house live audio routing
  • Direct-Feed for local multitrack recording
  •  DX-Plug for interstate or international multi-stream audio
  •  Simultaneous use of all features
  •  Expansion to additional CORE products via fiber optic connections
  • AES67 plug and play out of the box, featuring Dante by Audinate

Live concerts, recording studios and broadcast facilities can now rapidly and efficiently interconnect using the SAS CORE.  With the ability to simultaneously manage hundreds of channels of live sound, while delivering flawless 24bit multi-track recording audio, feeding hundreds of radio and television stations independent variable or linear transmission, and orchestrating the combined effort with IP messaging, the CORE will be the centrifuge of your show, TOC or NOC.

Be the first to see the CORE and the rest of the new products being unveiled by SAS at the NAB Show in Las Vegas at Sierra Automated Systems’ booth N6520 in North Hall between April 8 and 11.

To get more information about the CORE or to schedule a demo at NAB 2019 e-mail or visit