Time for an upgrade to your 32KD?

Over the past 2 years SAS has introduced some significant upgrades to the 32KD. Start budgeting for your 32KD upgrade now so you'll be in a position to take advantage of some of our awesome new features.

  • AoIP interfaces for linear and bit reduced audio transport. Download KDL-16 KEL-16 PDF
  • Silence Sense and Peak Detect.
  • Full Effects Suite - Compression, Limiting, AGC, 2- 3- and 4- band EQs.
  • Dual, hot-standby MCU cards.
  • Dual ANI Networks
  • Expansion to 16 frames
  • Redundant PC Interfaces
  • Updated softpanel suite

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Download PDF

SAS Audio Consoles and Networks

In this white paper you’ll see who’s using SAS!. . . . . . .   Learn about the design philosophies, strengths and features of SAS products. . Learn which console model fits your needs. . . . . Includes Selection Chart

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